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Human Capital Management Can Be a Value Driver

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The rise of the knowledge economy has placed a premium on human capital. As
technology continues to evolve, employees’ ability to learn, collaborate and solve
problems creatively becomes increasingly important. Law firms that can attract,
retain and develop top talent are better positioned to innovate, adapt and thrive in
an ever-changing marketplace.

Client Success: DLA Piper’s Digital Transformation with Simon Levine

Simon Levine, global co-CEO and international managing partner at DLAPiper, discusses how the firm partnered with Fulcrum GT and SAP to deliver its ambitious finance transformation project — driving operational efficiencies, improving client experience, and unleashing plenty of potential for the future. The interview underlines the power of partnership in complex change projects

Cloud Infrastructure and its Critical Role in Defining the Future Working Practices of South Africa’s Law Firms

Innovation and strategic adaptation are the cornerstones of success for the modern law firm. Client expectations, market demands, and the pursuit of operational excellence continue to shape our industry. As we stand at the threshold of a new era, it’s imperative to bridge the gap between innovation and operational efficiency, ensuring that our firms not only thrive, but lead, in this transformative landscape.